Progress update number10 on boat restoration (V17)

Wednesday 01:15
The new AGM battery with 200ah weigh 60kg and it was tight to fit it into the cabin. The main switch has three settings accordingly:
1. only batteri engaged with boat
2. only charger engaged with battery
3. (1+2) charger engaged with battery and battery engaged with boat.image

Thursday: the forward part of the hull on the inside need a lot of work before the outside can be completed, and there are many of these compartments left to be completed.
IMG_0933IMG_0932 IMG_0935IMG_0934

Progress update number9 on boat restoration (V16)

Our plan is to grind Starboard side under the water line during this week

1. 22:30 Sunday

2. 23:00 Monday with fokus on the Keel

3. 21:30 Tusday with fokus on the water line

3. 21:30 Thursday with fokus on the water line

4. Saturday and Sunday approximately 20h of work

Had to clean the boat next to ours the day after sins it went from white to blue during the night ūüėČ

Building a solar system

Starting with the solar panels they are the only source and specified as below, with 6 x 100w and this will be a grate start for an of grid system. we will connect the panels in series adding upp the voltage and keeping cable area at a minimum.


For controlling and monitoring we use Viltron Energy all the way witch is expensive but probably good value for money.

Battery monitoring: BMV-702. Will allow for monitoring two different battery banks at the same time. We will have one main battery bank (Battery bank 1) and one separate (Battery bank 2) for units that need lots of amps during a short time, for example the starter on our engens and the anchor winch.


Battery bank 1 will have Lifepo4 batteries with 400ah. (currently it has one 200ah AGM battery)

Battery bank 2 will have AGM batteries with 300ah (currently it has 2x75ah starter batteries)

BlueSolar Charge controller MPPT 150/70TR  150V, 50A PV and 12V, 70A charge current.

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By-Pass Diodes

Now let’s consider what happens if one of the panels is shaded. Not only will that panel not be producing any significant power, but it will also have a high resistance, blocking the flow of power produced by the unshaded panel.

schematic diagram of a simple circuit with blocking and by-pass diodes

This is where by-pass diodes come into play as shown in the diagram. Now, if one panel is shaded, the current produced by the unshaded panel can flow through a by-pass diode to avoid the high resistance of the shaded panel.
By-pass diodes will not be of use unless panels are connected in series.

unfortunately we will not include any Lifepo4 batteries at this point due to shipping costs and will go for an AGM 2ooah battery that can be used for the anchor winch wen we finely invest in Lifepo4 batteris.