Progress update number14 on boat restoration (V20)

New composite bushings and walves is mounted


New DST-800 NMEA 2000 combined DEPTH/SPEED/TEMP sensor


Removed the old water intake to engen etc. and added composite bushing


Removing the drive shaft is not easy, we might need to remove the engine to manage this.


When lifting the boat we removed the rudder, Ö-varvet is currently repacking the lower bearing and redesigning the mount for control arm.


This is likely the last big job in the hull.


Repairs to the keel from previous collisions.



Progress update number12 on boat restoration (V19)

This update is for the last ten days and we have made grate progress and spent above 100 hours working on the boat.

The last welding job (found an other one later)


More putty knife and grinding.


Three layers of Jotun jotamastick epoxy and one layer primer.


More putty knife and grinding above the waterline


The paint delivery finely arrived the day before painting day


The clouds moved in and provided the perfect conditions for painting.


Progress update number11 on boat restoration (V18)

Thursday: connected the Victron BMW-702 battery monitor and it indicates 100% capacity. The BMV-702. Will allow for monitoring two different battery banks at the same time. We will have one main battery bank (Battery bank 1) and one separate (Battery bank 2) for units that need lots of amps during a short time, for example the starter on our engens and the anchor winch.


Progress update number10 on boat restoration (V17)

Wednesday 01:15
The new AGM battery with 200ah weigh 60kg and it was tight to fit it into the cabin. The main switch has three settings accordingly:
1. only batteri engaged with boat
2. only charger engaged with battery
3. (1+2) charger engaged with battery and battery engaged with boat.image

Thursday: the forward part of the hull on the inside need a lot of work before the outside can be completed, and there are many of these compartments left to be completed.
IMG_0933IMG_0932 IMG_0935IMG_0934